Automatic production plants and
automation of production processes

We offer the complete system solutions to our customers !

In addition belongs the software, planning and construction of the plant control as
well as the production plant itself. We are your reliable and innovative partner for the
automation of manufacturing processes under application of the following procedures:
bendings, punches, putting a tread, laser weldings and arc weldings, adding,
mints, deep drawings, mounting etc....

The modernization of existing production plants inclusive
optimization of the manufacturing is likewise realized by us.

Some examples:

Oven welding plant


Completely welded ovens on the conveyor


Head-rests for passenger cars

A robot welding station for lamp housings


Plants for the automatic production
of all kinds of sheet-metal housings
(refrigerators, laundry washers,
personal computers etc.)

Automatic pipe processing plant

Some of our content clients: