We deliver the whole machine-building spectrum
of Germany and Western Europe!

Hydraulik press line

Gas counter case

Hydraulic and
mechanical presss

including automation.
On the left you see
a hydraulic press line for the
production of kitchen sinks
with automatic
tool change.

Exhaust collector

T fitting steel / copper

Hydroforming IHU
(Inside high pressure forming)
allows the production of parts
with complex geometry,
of high firmness and lowers
the production costs.
- 60 %
- 20 %
- 30 %


Machining center

Tooling machines


Milling machines

Machining centers

Cut to length equipment

Powder coating lines

Cut to length equipment
The cutting dimensions are
programmable, no manual
adjustment necessary.

Powder coating lines
for best color quality and
quick color changes of
less than 10 minutes!

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